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Benefits Of Beer For Skin- Get Clean & Glowing Skin

Benefits Of Beer For Skin– Beer is special for a number of reasons. Of course, you can drink it to have a great time with your friends, and it is quite cheaply available too. But there’s more to the golden liquid than just that.

Beer is made through a process of fermentation, with ingredients like water, starch, malted barley, and brewer’s yeast–all-natural ingredients, which rarely have any bad side-effects, unless taken in excess.

It has been proved in recent times that beer can work wonders on your skin and hair. Why else would there be so many varieties of beer shampoos available in the market? There are many benefits of beer for skin

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Benefits of Beer for Skin

Benefits Of Beer For Skin

The GUIDE To Better Skin! By now, we’re all aware of the amazing properties of beer that allow for regular, moderate consumption of the drink to bring about improved health. Below we go over some benefits of beer for the skin.

1. Fights Aging

2. Rejuvenated Skin

3. Improves Skin Tones

4.  Fights Acne

5. Keep Your Skin Moist And Tight

Fights Aging

Benefits Of Beer For Skin

Let’s look at one benefit of beer that may get you excited. Studies have shown that the natural antioxidants, nutrients, and minerals contained in beer help fight aging and prevent the onset of wrinkles.

The more you know, right?

For those of you drinking beer and wondering why you don’t look younger, there’s no reason to freak out. For this method, you don’t actually drink the beer at all.

I know, I know—you actually want to drink the beer that you buy.

And that’s understandable. When it comes to your beer, even one drop wasted is one drop too many.

That being said, it’s worth trying out this technique to see if it works for you. There’s no telling how much better you’ll feel once

you start the clock rolling in the opposite direction.

So let’s take a look at what needs to be done.

Rejuvenated Skin

Doing so will allow you to create a mask that you can apply to your face. Once this has been applied to your skin, the beer will start doing its work. Simply rinse the mask off once you are done and repeat after one week.

According to popular recipes, you simply need to mix one tablespoon of your beer with one egg and three or four drops of almond oil.

Consistent application of this mask will have your skin looking more younger and more rejuvenated. This method is amazing because it tackles existing wrinkles and slows the spread of additional wrinkles at the same time.

Improves Skin Tone

Benefits Of Beer For Skin

Do you know the leading cause of dull skin & lifeless skin?

Yes, that’s right— its dead skin cells.

With millions of dead skin cells clogging your pores, it’s no wonder your skin doesn’t have that shiny glow you’ve been trying for always.

But no need to worry dear. Beer, as it would go, can solve this problem, too. How?

Simply put, the alcohol in beer is a great pore cleanser. Applying the beer in a mask created with a mix of a few strawberries (or a cleansing fruit of your choice) is a great way to get those clingy skin cells out of your pores.

Give your pores a deep clean with a mask that’s aimed at reaching all the way in and taking out all the gunk.

When it’s over, your skin will look better than ever. This method should help you even out skin discoloration to have you looking healthier and cleaner.

Fights Acne

For those acne-ridden souls out there, no need to worry any longer.

You can put down the remote and forget about that Proactiv. All you need is a tablespoon of beer, a tablespoon of honey, one egg, and a quarter of a potato. Combine the four to form the ultimate pimple-popping mask!

How does it work?

Specifically, antibacterial properties in the alcohol will start to fight against any external skin infections the moment the mask touches your face. This will help reduce the appearance of acne and fight against its root cause.

But that’s not all. Beer contains yeast, which helps your body maintain proper oil production. As we all probably know one of the biggest reasons for acne is the imbalance of oil in our bodies.

If you’re not sure about this, try leaving oily hair on your forehead for a day or two and see what happens.

Keeps Your Skin Moist and Tight

Any of the masks described above serves an additional purpose—keeping your skin moist and tight.

This is possible because beer is full of many antioxidants and minerals that most of us don’t even know about. With a beer mask, you will be getting the perfect treatment for your skin.

Vitamins and minerals in your beer will soak deep into your skin to keep it healthy, glowing, and moist. This will give you the winning complexion you’ve always dreamed about.

Tighter skin means younger-looking skin, which goes back to the wrinkle-fighting properties contained in your beer.

If you are looking for a more natural way to get your skin looking fresh and amazing, there’s no better method than using beer.

Keep your skin looking flawless with these unconventional but highly effective masks!

Here are some ways in which you can utilize beer for your skin and hair:

Benefits Of Beer For Skin

1. It removes the toxins in the body and cleans up the pores in the skin with its alcoholic properties. It is also recommended for getting rid of stones in the kidney.

2. It has hydrating properties and smoothens the skin internally as it contains vitamin B. The anti-bacterial properties of the beer makes your skin free of acne.

3. Beer is amazing for skin brightening. Prepare a face mask by combining egg white and beer with lime juice. Spread it on your face and then wash it after 10 minutes with warm water.

4. In addition to improving your skin tone, beer also helps remove dead skin cells that can make your skin tone look uneven. Use beer as a natural scrub with beer and strawberries. Combined with some strawberries, you get an excellent natural exfoliant to remove any dirt and impurities while stimulating new cell growth.



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