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Benefits & Uses Of (Soapnut) Reetha For Hair

Here we’ve rounded up some natural ingredients that are known to guard your hair from the harmful chemicals and make them healthy. Include natural ingredients like reetha and shikakai for your haircare and forget about hair woes.

Benefits Of Washing Hair With Reetha

If you’re still wondering why using reetha for laundry hair has become such a well-liked choice among Indians, here are the advantages you would like to know:

  • Washing hair with reetha doesn’t involve the utilization of harmful chemical compounds like sulfates, parabens, phthalates, and other additives.
  • Reetha makes hair tons more tangle-free as compared with the results you get by using other commercial shampoos.
  • Since reetha may be a very mild ingredient with naturally low pH, the natural oils of the hair remain intact, giving it a far better shine and texture after each wash.
  • After using reetha, the hair becomes very manageable because it gets completely free from frizziness and split ends.
  • Reetha has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, which help in reducing hair loss by keeping dandruff away.
  • With regular use, reetha makes the hair stronger from the basis , which reduces hair fall significantly.
  • Reetha makes the scalp feel more moisturized and helps it stay supple.
  • It is an excellent conditioner that also nourishes the hair to assist it grow faster.
  • The saponins in reetha work as insecticides to eliminate lice from your scalp.

How To Wash Hair With Reetha?

Benefits & Uses Of Reetha For Hair

Reetha is an all-natural cleaning substance that’s easily available, inexpensive, reusable, and eco-friendly. Hence, it’s used widely for laundry clothes, cleaning jewelry, treating certain medical conditions, and so on. But the utilization of soapnut as a hair care product is undeniably the foremost popular of all time. It makes the hair clean, soft, and glossy in order that you’ll feel pleased with it! The most convenient thanks to use shikakai for hair is to use it as a hair rinse. Otherwise, you’ll also make your very own natural soapnut shampoo to mention ‘no’ to variety of hair problems altogether.

The Recipe

After years of store-bought shampoos, going back to reetha feels good. It is easy to use.

  1. Soaking the reetha nuts in water for 24 hours begins the process.
  2. Mashing it a bit or not makes a difference in a lather but it is not needed to improve the quality of the hair wash.
  3. Strain the water and apply it to well-oiled hair. Rinse. (Any hair oil that you like to use will do.)
  4. One more time, put some soapnut water on the head. Massage it in. Hair will appear to be all tangled but will be silky soft after rinsing and drying.
  5. The remaining reetha nuts can be soaked in water again for the next hair wash. Over repeated use, just a papery inner skin and black seeds remain of the original soapnut. Time to start a new batch!

.While washing your hair with amla, soapnut, and shikakai shampoo, you will feel like the shampoo is tangling your hair, but once you wash it off your hair, your hair will be healthier and shinier than before.


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