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Clove Benefits For Men (7 Surprising Benefits)

Clove is one of the best herbs that keeps a man healthy in his intimate life. Clove has many benefits for men as cloves act as the aphrodisiac for men. In this article, we will guide you about clove benefits for men and women.

What are cloves (Syzygium Aromaticum)?

Clove Benefits For Men (7 Surprising Benefits)
Clove has a burning taste and offers an air of excitement and romance. It is a herb, and various parts of this plant, including dry buds, stems, and leaves are used to make medicines.

They are readily available in both whole and ground forms. Ground cloves quickly lose their culinary and medicinal benefits if not used in a short time. So, ground cloves used less as compared to petioles.

Clove nutrients

According to the national standard reference nutrition database, the nutrients found in 100 grams of cloves include

 1  Carbohydrates 65 grams
 2  Protein 6 grams
 3  Lipid 13 grams
 4  Sugar 2 grams
 5  Meal Fiber 33 grams
 6  Energy (kcal) 274 (kcal)

Clove benefits for men

1. Cloves good for intimate life Cloves prevent quick ejaculation, and thus both partners enjoy longer. The spice acts as an aphrodisiac for both men and women. Clove essential oil fights against impotence. It is a clear yellow liquid with a sharp spicy aroma.

2. Cloves freshen breath Forget about oral sprays and chewing gums. Just chew a piece of dry clove in your mouth. According to one legend, in ancient China before talking with the emperor a person must hold a clove in his mouth.

3. Clove strengthens teeth For the prevention of caries and bleeding do not forget to use the spice regularly. It prevents the multiplication of pathogenic bacteria and reduces inflammation. Clove reduces pain both a headache and toothache. Clove’s composition has several acids and essential oils that work on the same principle as aspirin. In addition to the painkiller, the spice has an antiseptic effect.

4. Cloves help to get rid of tobacco addiction Do you constantly look for a cigarette? Chew a clove instead of a cigarette. It will reduce the desire to smoke and distract your brain.

5. Clove cleans the lungs Studies have shown that the spice also helps reduce inflammation and clear the lungs. Doctors recommend adding it to the diet for those who suffer from pneumonia, cough for colds, and coughing because of cigarettes.

6. Clove contains valuable antioxidants The spice rejuvenates the body. Due to the eugenol containing, the clove effectively fights the growth of cancer cells. Clove recovers muscles after exertion. Since it has anti-inflammatory properties, the spice perfectly heals with muscle pain and reduces the amount of lactic acid in the tissues.

7. Other health benefits of cloves A fragrant clove suppresses the tubercle bacillus reproduction. Take the clove effectively to prevent the flu. When eating cloves with food, it stimulates the production of digestive juices. The clove is useful for gastritis with low acidity and reduced appetite. But with increased acidity and gastric ulcer, the use of clove is contraindicated. Cloves are also used in the treatment of inflammation in the large intestine (colitis), intestinal colic, flatulence (carminative action) as well as diseases of the rectum and liver. Surprisingly, but clove has two opposite actions at once: it tones and relieves spasms. The spice can relax and tone at the same time.



Clove is a great spice with a number of even greater benefits. It’s very easy to add this spice to your everyday diet, as it’s better to get it in small amounts and not in large amounts, and what would be an easier way to ingest this spice than add it to your coffee/tea. Cloves Christmas like aromatic flavor and smell is a great bonus also.

Cloves are simple and tasty “lifehack” to get more testosterone, better libido and stronger erection, fresher breath, and tooth health benefits, more antioxidants which helps with anti-aging, better recovery from training via cloves inflammation-fighting ability (which also helps with acne or bad skin).

You do not need to go overboard on clove consumption to make it beneficial, just like the studies note that just a little bit and not too much as it might be detrimental in high doses – which makes it a great spice to add to certain things.


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